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The rhinos are coming!!!

orchestrates collaborations to help bring an
end to the cruel and coldhearted killings
that are decimating our rhinos.
Who are the collaborators?


who invest the funds necessary
to build a blank white life-size Rhino for artists
to use as a canvas.


who donate their time and skills
to bring to dazzling life the blank white rhino
sculptures, using colour, design, and

Exhibitions-space owner

The V&A Waterfront
donates their valuable
commercial property on which
the Rhino Art is exhibited

Recipients of funds raised

NGO organisations with the
boots-on-the -ground personel who
track down the poachers.

Latest rhinos to join the crash (Herd)

Artist: Tay Dall

Artist: Mr Bzar

Artist: Anwar Davids

Artist: Leila Fanner

Artist: Bushy Wopp

Artist: Grant Jurius

The Rhinos Are Coming!!! is created in response to the devastating decades-long assault on our beloved rhino population by poachers, reducing them to just several thousand animals. Rhinos are now at risk of becoming extinct altogether in the wild. A market has been developed in several Asian countries including China, by falsely describing ground-up rhino horn as a cure-all for many human

conditions. The value for rhino horn now exceeds the price per kilo of gold.
Rhinos are a part of our wildlife heritage. They must be preserved at all costs. It’s up to us to save them from extinction. The Rhinos Are Coming!!! (TRAC) spreads awareness and raises funds through sponsorship of our Rhinos to help fight the ongoing scourge of rhino poaching.

Thank you to our valued
and concerned creatives for
donating their support
for the rhinos and to help save
them from


Prestigious plaques
with collaborators'
names & logos

Everyone wins!

Sponsors win through having their brands associated with a popular wildlife conservation cause

Artists win by having their
work exposed to audiences of
many thousands of people

The V&A wins by having a
spectacular Art Exhibition
supporting a popular cause,
exhibited for visitors' enjoyment
all around the Waterfront complex

The real rhinos win
because of the funds donated by
this initiative to NGO's who supply
game reserves on the front lines
of poaching with state-of-the-art
services and equipment and who
train the game rangers who risk
their lives roaming the bush every
day to protect our endangered

Selfies on the waterfront

Nine Rhinos gathered together for an event.

Become a
collaborator and
help stop the


CONTACT: +27 72 473 5596 -

Please Donate