Life-size brilliantly imagined Rhinos are enchanting
both locals and visitors alike. Companies and private
individuals sponsor the making and painting of a Rhino.
Rhinos are exhibited at the V&A Waterfront and / or at your
location of choice after being beautifully hand-painted by
local artists. Companies raise awareness for their
brands and for Rhino Conservation.


Make impressive guests of honor at company events,
Colourful subjects for social media and PR campaigns.
Greet guests in the entrances of hotels and game lodges
Enhance lobbies of corporate head offices -
and generally make exhibitions of themselves on behalf
of companies. With your support we can
secure a safer future for our Rhinos.

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The Rhinos Are Coming!!! is created in response to the devastating decades-long assault on our beloved rhino population by poachers, reducing them to just several thousand animals. Rhinos are now at risk of becoming extinct altogether in the wild. A market has been developed in several Asian countries including China, by falsely describing ground-up rhino horn as a cure-all for many human conditions. The value for rhino horn now exceeds the price per kilo of gold.

Rhinos are a part of our wildlife heritage. They must be preserved. It’s up to us to save them from extinction.
The Rhinos Are Coming!!! (TRAC) will raise considerable funds to help fight the ongoing scourge of rhino poaching through the auctioning of the Rhinos during and after the Exhibition.

Sponsor A Rhino

Help raise money to fight rhino poaching!

The Rhinos will appear on busy city street corners. They’ll dazzle visitors arriving at the airport. You may bump into a small herd on top of Table Mountain, or guarding The Castle, or protesting outside parliament, (after all this is a democracy).

Each life sized Rhino sculpture will be designed by artists - famous and emerging, and by celebrities from South Africa and around the world. Special programs for schools will educate children about wildlife protection and careers in the creative arts.

After the exhibition the sculptures will be auctioned. The proceeds from the auction will go to our recipient StopRhinoPoaching.com. No other event will spread awareness far and wide about the plight of the rhinos – than this one.


We invite you to benefit your brand by sponsoring a Rhino. There are sponsorship opportunities to suit every pocket.


Artists and our creative communities are invited to participate by designing a fabulous Rhino and showcasing their work to millions.

Our Rhinos

Everyone loves our Rhinos, especially the kids. And why not ! They‘re drop dead gorgeous and stop people in their tracks.

Become a Patron Of The Arts
and fund the making and painting of a rhino.
Spread awareness for your brand and help


Our mission is to contribute meaningful funds and to raise awareness for the plight of our rhinos by organising a popular outdoor Art Exhibition in Cape Town lasting several months which will increase tourism, boost the economy, educate children to protect wildlife and expose local artists to new markets. We bring together business and the arts on one platform supporting a socially responsible wildlife conservation ideal.

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